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Jupiter Salon

Our services are rooted in the idea that everyone is already beautiful in their own way and we want to help celebrate you just as you are.

We are a community first and a salon second.

Anti-Descrimination Promise

At The Full Circle Salon we promise to continually work to provide a space where you can be your authentic self and share your personal lived experiences with pride. In our space we seek to amplify your voice and want you to know that we will not allow discrimination, harassment or harm of any kind. We believe in equity and inclusion. 

The Full Circle Salon in Jupiter, Fl enhances guests’ natural beauty in an inclusive, welcoming environment. We listen intently to your desires and challenges and collaborate with you to create a shared, polished vision. Through continuing education and innovation inspired by nature, art, and science, we execute our shared vision so that you walk out our doors feeling like the absolute best version of yourself.
At The Full Circle Salon we are dedicated to sustaining the natural beauty around us by using ethically sourced products. You, our guest, and the greater community we serve – including the environment in which we live – are our top priorities.
Proudly serving our lovely community of Jupiter, Fl, The Full Circle Salon is dedicated to giving back. Through conscientious drives, events, and fundraising initiatives, The Full Circle Salon strives to continually better the community in which we live, work, and play to make it an inclusive, safer, and opportune place for everyone.
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