Davines Hair Products: Non-Toxic & Ethically Sourced

At The Full Circle Salon, we believe you deserve the best there is to offer. That’s why we use Davines hair products, which are high-quality, non-toxic, and ethically and sustainably sourced out of Parma, Italy. 

Because Davines hair products are family-owned and operated in Parma, where beauty manufacturing standards are exceptionally high, the company is able to marry innovation and environmental consciousness.

Davines hair products are high-quality, non-toxic, and ethically sourced out of Parma, Italy.

The goal of Davines is not to be the biggest or most popular company, but to be the most ethical and beautiful. Their mission, as per the Davines website: “Being the best for the world, creators of good life for all through beauty, ethics, and sustainability.”


You, our guest, and the community in which we live are our top priorities at The Full Circle Salon. We’re proud to partner with Davines hair products to support, nurture, and beautify you and our environment.

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